Carving Begins

Master chainsaw carver Hikaru Kodama has begun work on the first sculpture for Greensborough War Memorial Park. This first piece is of two contemporary soldiers; one dressed in the Australian army uniform worn in Afghanistan, one in the uniform worn in East Timor.

The carver of the original sculptures, Leigh Conkie, has been busy organising wood, scaffolding, chainsaws and providing art direction for Hikaru. Leigh will begin work on the dog sculpture in the coming weeks.

Hikaru Kodama is a leading chainsaw artist in Japan. When not travelling the world carving his stunning figures, Hikaru works for the Shimokawa Forestry Union. He has worked in partnership with Leigh Conkie for some years and will be working on this project for the two weeks he is in Australia.

As part of the research behind the new sculptures for Greensborough War Memorial Park, the artists visited the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne this week to have a look at an Australian Army uniform worn in Afghanistan. Special thanks to Assistant Curator Dr. Ian Jackson who made arrangements for us to visit after hours and photograph details of the uniform.

We were also allowed to view the collection at Diggerworks at the Victoria Barracks in Melbourne, thanks to Major Cameron Lane. The Barracks has examples of the uniform worn in East Timor, which the female figure will be wearing.