Sculptures Completed and Foundations Dug

Work has begun at Greensborough War Memorial Park with foundations being dug for the Homefront sculptures and the concrete poured. Each sculpture will have a meter of concrete beneath it with a reinforcement cage. The steel footings are currently being fabricated, so these new sculptures will sit well above the ground. The base of each sculpture is also being painted with a thick waterproof coating. The original sculptures which were still in the ground suffered from water damage over the years. These new foundations and footings will keep the new sculptures from this type of damage, so they will last for many more years than the originals.

The carvers have completed their work, having endured long sweltering weeks carving throughout the summer. The new sculptures are stunning, with exceptionally expressive faces and detailed uniforms. They are currently being coated in a marine-grade clear finish to preserve them. Justin the Tracker Dog is having extra work done to him with a black stain to be applied under the clear finish and Roland, our blacksmith to forge him a collar from stainless steel. Roland will bring his forge and anvil to Greensborough War Memorial Park once the sculptures are installed in order to fit the collar. Steel nameplates with the names of all eleven tracker dogs will be fixed around the base of the sculpture.