The New Designs Unveiled

Designs for the new sculptures have been completed and were on display for public comment during the Fire Ceremony last night. The sculptures cover theatres of war from the Boer War to present day conflict in Afghanistan.

The ever-popular dog sculpture will be replaced with another war dog, this time a tracker dog, based on the experience of a local veteran who served as a dog handler in the Vietnam War. The other very popular sculpture, of the nurse, will also be replaced with a WWI nurse.

It is planned that the sculptures will be completed in two stages; Stage One includes four sculptures of six figures in total, due for completion by 25 April 2018. These sculptures include the tracker dog, an injured soldier, two modern soldiers; a male soldier in the uniform worn in Afghanistan and a female soldier in the uniform worn in East Timor, and a figure of a young boy running towards his father coming home from deployment.

Stage Two, subject to approval, will include a Lighthorseman, a WWI nurse, a woman receiving a letter from a soldier, a WWII pilot and a WWII sailor. These sculptures are currently planned for completion in November 2018.